Necessity of ventilation in livestock and poultry houses
DATE:2017-12-06    HITS:2289

There 5 elements have effect on raising livestock to achieve the best production performance, as following:

1 ) Maintain good health level and comfortable environment

2 ) Adequate feed and good quality feed

3 ) Good water quality

4 ) Sufficient oxygen

5 ) Appropriate and stable temperature

Among them, temperature is particularly important, directly related to whether the living poultry growth environment is comfort or not and feed conversion rate ( meat ratio ).  Take the chicken house as an example, in a comfortable environment, 60 % - 70 % of the energy into output, 30 % - 40 % for the maintenance of life;  But in bad conditions, 30 % - 40 % of energy is converted to output and 60 % - 70 % is used to sustain life.  Therefore, environmental temperature and humidity have a great influence on livestock.

Ventilation offers the following benefits:

1 ) supplying oxygen to livestock

2 ) providing the livestock with a body wind speed ( at the height of them)

3 ) removing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia

4 ) removing excess water ( humidity ) from the premises

In modern poultry houses, exhaust fan and cooling pad system are commonly used for cooling and ventilation.